Slip-on Flange

A slip on flange is a form of flat welding flange. Flat welding is only used to join the outer layer of a sandwich, not the inside layer. In general, a flat welding flange, such as an ASME B16.5 Class 600 Slip-On Flange, could be utilised in both medium and low pressure pipelines. These piplines with Tapped Slip-On Flanges have a nominal pressure of less than 2.5 Mpa. Flat welding flanges have four diffrent sealing surfaces. They are flat face. RF or raised face, FM/M, and TG, also known as the toungue and groove face.


Size: 15 NB - 600 NB

Class: #150 - #2500 / PN 10 - PN 400

Mfg. Std: ASME B16.5 / BS 10 / EN-1902

Mfg. Process: Forging / Plate-Cut / Solid Bar

Face : RF / RTJ / FF / T&G / LJF

Material: CS / SS / Nickle Alloy CS Alloy

Coating: Anti-rust / Hot Dip / Blackodizing

Testing: Chem. / Phy. / UT / NACE / IGC, etc.

Certification: BS EN ISO 10204 3.1 / 3.2

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